I am a Medical Herbalist and a Nurse with 20 years of hospital nursing experience. I have worked in many different specialities during this time.

I have completed a 4 year diploma in Phyto-therapy (Herbal Medicine) at the School of Phytotherapy in Sussex. This involved a thorough Medical training, the study of hundreds of medicinal plants: modern and traditional applications, preparation and application and we also learn about orthodox medicines and potential interactions. We must also complete 500 hours of supervised clinical practice. This course is now a BSc. I am registered with the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (http://www.phytotherapists.org) who are also members of the European Herbal Practitioners Association (http://ehtpa.eu).

I have been practising as a herbalist for 11 years and only recently stopped nursing to practice as a Herbalist full time. I am an NHS trained Cessation of Smoking practitioner and have trained as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. My continuing professional development includes attending regular seminars on Endobiogenic medicine with Dr Jean Claude Lapraz and I am working towards a Diploma in Human Givens psychotherapy.

I have professional indemnity insurance as a Medical Herbalist with Balens insurance company.

I do regular herb walks, talks and teaching about herbal medicine on the 2 acres of land where I grow most of the herbs I need for my dispensary. (See Carlingcott Farmacy Orchard and the What’s On?) If you would like to book me for a walk or workshop please contact me with your requirements.

I am passionate about local plants for local people and I am making every effort to become fully self sufficient in all the raw materials I require to produce all the herbs and tinctures I use in my dispensary. I also have bee hives for beeswax, propolis and honey.

I wrote Herbal Journal Desk Diary for Pomegranate publishing in the US for 5 years and “Wild Drugs” ‘A Foragers Guide to Medicinal Plants’ for Gaia 2010.

I regularly write articles for various publications on foraging, growing and preparation of Herbal Medicines.

I also have a large database of medicinal plant photographs. If you would like me to write about a particular subject regarding a natural approach to health, herbal medicine, sustainability or you require a medicinal plant image please contact me.

“Herbal Medicine is the Original medicine”

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