Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly restricted by European Law. (For more information: http://ehtpa.eu/medicines_legislation/index.html)

Carlingcott Farmacy Orchard was set up to try and preserve a wide range of medicinal plants and pass on the knowledge about how to grow, harvest and prepare them to use safely for common ailments. It is based in the beautiful Cam valley just south of Bath.

The plants are being grown as close as possible to their natural environment, rather than in ordered beds, using permaculture or agroforestry methods. There is a wide range of wild and cultivated species present.

Permaculture looks to mimic nature as far as possible and uses careful design (and happy accidents!) to help the plants support each other and wildlife. There is a little owl, deer, woodpeckers and foxes living on the site.

Workshops run Spring to Autumn and can also be specially arranged and designed to meet the needs of any group that might be interested in learning about natural plant medicines.

There is also a fully productive orchard, market garden and polytunnels for growing of more tender plants. The vegetables are grown using No Dig methods as pioneered by the brilliant market gardener Charles Dowding. (http://www.charlesdowding.co.uk)

The site is Spring water fed and off grid for electricity. A very nice compost loo provides non mains toilet facilities.

If you are traveling a long distance to attend a walk or workshop it is possible to camp overnight.

Pick your own Plums and Apples
We are open for pick your own plums and apples every weekend from Saturday 10th August to Sunday 28th September. 11am - 5pm. There are numerous varieties of plums and gages ripening every week. Email that week to see how crops are coming on.
Please email with enquiries

(See the What’s On? page for dates of guided walks and workshops).

“Herbal Medicine is the Original medicine”

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