The body is constantly adapting to it’s environment. It will do anything it can, to enable life to continue.

Initially in the evolution of humans, our hunter gatherer ancestors would have had to run away or fight off sabre tooth tigers. When this happened, the body had to make many functional changes to facilitate running as fast or fighting as hard, as it possibly could. Every bodily function that didn’t support that ceased at that time.

When the sabre tooth tiger had gone away the body then directed all of it’s functions to restoring and repairing any damage done.

This balance between the flight and fight and rest and restore comes under the unconscious control of the autonomic nervous system. It is continuously monitoring the environment and then adjusting what is going on inside the body in response to that. So everything it does has a very important purpose and is deliberate.

Your body doesn’t go wrong, it is just doing the best it can in the situation it finds itself in. So if you have a sabre tooth tiger on your tail and it doesn’t go away then the body never gets a proper chance to rest and restore. That’s when a dis’ease occurs.

Herbs are wonderful sharp sticks that can help you fight off the modern equivalent of sabre tooth tigers or they provide you with essential substances that enable your body to rest and restore itself when life throws you those curved balls that you can’t avoid.

I initially spend an hour with patients discussing any problems and taking a full medical history.

I am then able to see the root of the problem and give advice on appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes and make up a prescription of herbs specifically for you.

Herbs are very gentle and their effects are often gradual and subtle as they enable the body to heal itself.

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“Herbal Medicine is the Original medicine”

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